Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: FINNISH LINE

This is a view of Helsinki as seen from our sightseeing boat approaching the port. The skyline is dominated by the Lutheran Cathedral, with the City Hall, Bank of Finland Museum, Swedish Embassy, and the Presidential Palace nestled at the foreground. Market Square, with its various tents and stalls, is abuzz with summer activity as vendors sell to willing tourists and locals anything from Baltic herring and wood carving to magnets, strawberries, and fresh flowers.

Often referred to as the Maiden of the Baltic Sea, this capital city of Finland is one of the most walkable cities I've ever been to. It has a city center that is a curious but tasteful mix of the past and the future. And in the event that I have to be somewhere quickly or I'm just too lazy to take a stroll, the extensive tram system readily whisks me off to where I need to be.

off the coast of Helsinki, June 2010, using a digicam.


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