Saturday, July 31, 2010

PhotoHunt: PUBLIC

This monument I don't have too travel far to see. In fact, there'd be at least eight other similar statues all over the Philippines. And rightfully so.

This is the University of the Philippines Oblation- the icon of the University. Rendered in stone, bronze, and other media, this is the quintessential symbol of what the University aims for its students- the total offering of oneself for service to the nation. The young man's arms are way apart, with palms open and directed upward, chest thrust forward, face looking to the sky, with the lips almost caught in the middle of a spoken prayer. At his feet is a local plant called kataka-taka, a commonly occurring species that grows and thrives anywhere- an added symbol that connotes the need for the University's leadership and excellence to be planted and to take root anywhere and everywhere.

When the University commissioned Fine Arts professor and future National Artist Guillermo Tolentino to create this monument, he was requested to draw inspiration from the Last Farewell of our National Hero, Jose Rizal. The latter's words, uttered in 1896, converted into a statue in the 1930's that survived the Second World War and beyond, still rings true today, a call for Filipinos to be better versions of ourselves for our nation:

In barricades imbattled;
fighting with delirium,
others donate you their lives
without doubts, without gloom,
The site doesn't matter;
cypress, laurel or lily;
gibbet or open field,
combat or cruel martyrdom,
are equal if demanded
by country and home.

(Please read this UP alumni site to find out more about the Oblation.)

in front of the University of the Philippines Manila - Philippine General Hospital, February 2010, using a digicam.


  1. THat is a great statue I can see why it represents the values of the university

  2. We don't see many of these statues around here. That's surely a meaningful one. :)

  3. I like the way you have captured the statue. It looks bigger than the buildings. As if to say that man's material things mean nothing compared to his sacrifices and his heart.

  4. beautiful capture with that statue--great message.

  5. I like it and I see freedom when I look at it. Very nice photo.

  6. Inspiring!

  7. quite inspiring

  8. When I saw the statue it really touches my heart. That is a very inspiring statue. If you it you can feel freedom. I wonder where that statue located is.

  9. Thanks for the post. It's a reminder of what being a UP student/ scholar/alumnus is all about.


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