Saturday, December 31, 2011

PhotoHunt: GATHER

At the Smithsonian Castle, its "America's Treasure Chest" exhibition features a display of the footwear created by different Native American tribes. It honors a heritage that continues in the face of gnawing, convenient modernity.

It also brings to mind an adage attributed to Native Americans, the one that discourages judging another individual until you've walked a day in their shoes- or mocassins...

May this New Year bring us all a sense of belongingness, and bring us all towards a sense of equity and fairness.

Smithsonian Castle, Washington DC, December 2011, using a digicam.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

PhotoHunt: RIPPED

The cruise ship traversing the waters between Stockhom, Sweden and Turku, Finland is a place where one gets ripped, thanks to the duty-free sale of alcohol. The ship was by no means a mere vessel to ferry tourists to and from Stockholm; it was in itself a party place that was a bit too rowdy for comfort at times. I think some passengers were more interested with the cheaper booze than experiencing either Nordic country...

*** Special thanks to TN Chick for having hosted the PhotoHunt for the last five years. It's her last weekend to host this meme so head on over to her site for a proper send off =].***

Between Stockholm and Turku, September 2007, using a digicam.