Saturday, October 3, 2009

PhotoHunt: WORDS

Unless you were a submarine or at least an amphibious vehicle, there was really no reason or way for any land vehicle to park in front of the Medical Students' Union building the previous Saturday as Tropical Storm Ondoy (International Name: Ketsana) unleashed its torrential rains in the Philippines. I believe at the height of the storm, the drainage system inside the University was so overwhelmed we had to walk in ankle-deep flood waters, blurring the sign painted on the asphalt road.

But we are still lucky. Many parts of the National Capital Region and surrounding provinces were- are- still inundated with up to chest-level waters. There is, thank God, a spontaneous outpouring of kindness from everyone from all over. We're experiencing a resurgence of generosity amidst jadedness in this dog-eat-dog world. Kids breaking their coin banks to donate their life's riches. People braving powerful river currents, saving dozens of lives at the risk of losing theirs. Newly-weds repacking a huge amount of food in their wedding banquet so that people in evacuation centers get to eat as well. The stories go on and on.

No words can ever quite capture how a disaster can suck the life of any victim. But the survivors' spirit cannot and will not be drowned. As Albert Camus once said- In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

(I am currently volunteering in two organizations aiming to help some 10,000 individuals affected by tropical storm Ondoy. Just today, our team took care of more than 500 patients in a free clinic and gave out food and supplies to 1,500 families. And with the super-typhoon just hours away, we anticipate that the number of people needing assistance will just increase. We need all the help we can get.

Please click on the DONATE button above to share in this mission. $1 can buy at least a kilo of rice, $2 will a good quality mat so they don't need to sleep on the damp cold floor of the evacuation center. Any amount, when pooled together, will be of enormous help.

Rest assured 100% of donated money will be spent for the flood victims. Regular updates with regard to how the money is being spent will be sent to donors. Let us be the conduits of God's loving kindness =] Thank you very much!)

in front of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine Dela Paz Hall / Medical Students' Union building, Manila, September 2009, using a digicam.


  1. Good luck with all your good works.

  2. The typhoon only brought rain storms to Hong Kong but still got a sense of its might. I'm so sorry for those Filipinos and Filipinas who lost loved ones, their homes and so much else because of it. Hope that that was the last typhoon of this season.

  3. I'm sorry about the damages and lost due to Ketsana :(

  4. Good luck with your work Ian. I hope you can make a difference to people who desperately need help.

  5. I love the fact you're there to assist!! Good luck.

    My "Words" are now posted. Come join me today if you can find time...

    Here's the Post For Today

    Happy Haunting...errrrr, um happy Hunting!

  6. it is a paradox that it takes a disaster such as last Saturday's for people to give their unconditional help to those affected especially the poor. i hope and pray this will last even after the typhoons go away for good.

    God bless you for your efforts.

  7. Good job Ian for doing things for the needy. Happy hunting.

  8. holding good thoughts for all those affected.
    bad floods in india too. claimed 160lives already

  9. Good luck with all your work to assist those affected.

  10. Nice shot Ian... It showed that nature has overpowered those man made constructions. I hope everything would be fine there as the news of the frequent flooding sounded real bad.

  11. hope things will resume to normalacy soon after the rains...

  12. thank you for all your warm wishes. i pray all those affected by disasters elsewhere will have their troubles alleviated soon as well.

    special thanks to you who clicked the DONATE button =] your gift will go a long way to help our fellow Filipinos feel better post-Ondoy =]

    God bless you! God bless all of you!


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