Saturday, June 4, 2011

PhotoHunt: DIRTY

Whenever the light turns red at this intersection about 10 minutes away from our office, I find myself looking at this distressed-looking house. Despite the ravages of time, its beauty is still quite visible, the intricacies of the architecture and workmanship more obvious when one gets nearer this still-imposing edifice. It's probably a century old but a few touches here and there, it may just sparkle like the way it did in its heyday.

Quite frankly, I'm suprised that this house is still standing. Many similar homes in the area have been torn down to give way to modern high-rise buildings. And to think that it sits on prime real estate! But I'm glad this home continues to exist; being old should not be automatically equated to it being dispensable. Too many buildings have suffered that fate. Economics and heritage can co-exist and should not always be each other's antithesis.

corner of Laong Laan and Lacson, Manila, February 2011, using a digicam.


  1. What a wonderful looking old house. I hope that it remains there are all around it changes

  2. I hope the house will be saved - it's a pity when they all are gone :)

  3. When I see a house like that I always wonder about its story - how has it managed to fight off the pace of development and remain as it once was? Great shot for this week's theme.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. There a small town south of us called Sandpoint Idaho. At this time I believe none of there building can be over 4 stories high.
    I can see a lot possible for that older building but everything has possibilities.

    I didn't play this week but the coffee is on.

  5. Great post, I agree with you. I think it's a shame when the beautiful old buildings are not kept up and then torn down to make way for yet another high rise.

  6. It would be lovely restored.. I hope someone will take it on.
    My take on dirty is here.

  7. hey doc, sirrob here, this is a bit OT but I don't know where to put this. I just wanna know you field of expertise.



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