Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: TERMINAL

This is an abandoned train station in one of the districts of Manila. I have a soft spot for trains and train stations because my grandfather was a train engineer for more than three decades. His job (plus my grandmother's homemaking acumen) sustained a brood of 6, giving them lives much better than theirs, college diplomas and all.

The train service in our country has suffered a steady decline over the last several years- this station a sad symbol of which. However, recent efforts- from acquiring new trains to repairing dilapidated railways- have renewed interest in this once-efficient and uber-reliable means of moving people and improving commerce.

Maybe it's not a terminal case after all.

along Quirino Avenue near Pedro Gil Street, City of Manila, May 2010, using a digicam.


  1. I see more and more train stations either abandoned or developed into something new. There is one in Los Angeles that was converted into lofts yet has saved the artifacts from the train station. Also, the one in Kowloon, Hong Kong which now serves as the clocktower and promenade along Victoria Harbor.

  2. If they would at least use them for some good purpose. They are old and beautiful.


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