Sunday, November 13, 2011

PhotoHunt: TWO

I stared into too many of these in my supposedly 45-minute-drive home that turned into a 3-hour test of patience. My camera and my favorite radio station playing the right kind of music kept me sane.

While on the road, a small pebble may cause discomfort all the way inasmuch as a fleeting second of stunning vista can cause a lifetime of joy- if we choose it to be.

November 2011, using a digicam.


  1. Ach that must not have been fun at all. As for a fleeting pebble, I had to get a new windscreen a couple of days ago

  2. Great thought... glad you had your camera to keep you sane... Perfect for "Two"

  3. Never leave home w/o your cam... very artistic shot for the theme, happy weekend!!

  4. Hi,

    Thats the good about having a cam, picture tells lot of stories.

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  5. I hate bad traffic. Had my share in Jakarta a few days ago on a work trip. Salute to a fellow teacher!


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