Saturday, May 21, 2011

Four-Year Clutter

The beach wasn't as immaculate as I hoped it would be, this being my last chance to catch the famous sunset by the shores of Boracay. A lot of people were there ahead of me, taking over every possible available patch of white sand still available. At first I was a bit upset: how now can I take the best photo of the glorious sunset with all this people milling about, standing in my way, preventing me from taking the shot?!

But then again, to keep this sun to myself is awfully selfish, this gorgeous sunset being just too beautiful NOT to share.


As one sun descends beneath the horizon, so ascends another one to begin a new day. A new year. Here's to the start of my fifth year of maintaining this blog, a collection of random photos from my past, present, and future travels, interspersed with random musings and odd finds, online postcards from sojourns near and far.

This has become and will continue to be a fantastic portal for connecting with virtual buddies from Manila, Ireland, Singapore, Norway, San Francisco, and beyond. Thank you all for your kind words and appreciation. Thank you for making this corner a regular stop.

Thank you God for the gift of travel, the gift of senses, the gift of memories, the gift of adventure, the gift of restraint, the gift of insight, the gift of gratitude, the gift of wonder.

On to the next adventure =]

Station 2, Boracay Island, town of Malay, Aklan province, March 2011, using a digicam.


  1. That is a beautiful sight even with the people. Have a great weekend

  2. it's so hot now and your pic reminds me tt I shld head to the beach! nice shot btw!

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  3. Wow, five years. Congrats! And thanks for sharing this beautiful Boracay sunset that I'd never personally experienced yet :)


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